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Dead Spreading:Saving

The city is under attack by the dead, your doomsday squad is the only hope.Lead your team and fight the dead everywhere in the city, search for S.O.S and rescue the unarmed people. Unlock more soldiers and more advanced weapons after mission completed.The city is counting on you and your team, let's move it!

Dead Spreading:idle game

At the end of the world, the only way to survive is to defeat the dead.As a commander, you must reasonably arrange your soldiers to fight and collect supplies at the same time, so that you can maximize the profit and recruit more soldiers.The dead is coming, are you ready to fight?

Tales Rush

Expel aliens and retrieve our home.The wicked aliens have occupied one planet after another in this galaxy. Our mission is to go to every planet to fight aliens and destroy them. At the crucial moment, we can use advanced weapons from higher civilizations, and even use the snap of Thanos' fingers.The mission is still not ended, let‘s head towards the deeper universe and fight the aliens!

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Dart or Die

The mad scientist has failed his experiment, and was besieged by the creatures he made.In order to survive, he has to make full use of everything around him to defend the attck of monsters. Will he succeed? Or will he be caught by the monsters?It all depends on how you gonna help him.

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Brand new match 3 puzzle game!You can fill the blank blocks in a fixed order into the blank grid by yourself, and perform the three eliminations with the existing color blocks. Besides exercising your brain, you can also enjoy the pleasure of elimination in the sliding of the fingers.Download now and have fun!




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